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Les 7 Lois de Noé : des milliers d'hommes et de femmes y adhèrent déjà !                                                    Pour un monde d'harmonie, de paix et de sérénité...

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Le précepte de la Charité
Congrès du Texas 2019

Le Président Ronald Reagan signe une déclaration proclamant le 29 mars 1988, Journée de l'Education

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Organisations internationales
et sites des 7 lois Noahides

- Australie
Victoria : Institute of Judaism and Civilization: Noahide Studies
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen, Director
92 Hotham Street - E S Kilda, Australia 3183
B'nai Noah Secretary's e-mail:

- Canada
Jews for Judaism
Rabbi Michael Skobac, Director
PO Box 41032 - 2795 Bathurst Street - Toronto, Ontario Canada M6B 4J6
web site:
Willing to serve as an advisor to groups of B'nai Noach and will discuss Judaism, Noachism, Christianity and other religions with anyone who is interested.

3772 Bathurst Street, Suite #1 - North York, Ontario, Canada M3H3M6
web site:
NISHMA is an international Torah research, resource, and educational endeavour devoted to the further development of a "wise and understanding people". The Nishma study focus is on the process of Torah study itself --for it is this process that produces wisdom. Offers several publications on line.

- Israel
Yeshivat Dvar Yerushaliyim
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz
web site : -
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz is the Posek (authority in matters of observance) for the B'nai Noach Torah Society. Author of the book Light to the Nations.

Aish Ha-Torah
Rabbi Shmuel Silinsky
e-mail: - web wite:
Aish HaTorah offers many fine e-mail lists, a Virtual Tour of the Jerusalem Tunnel, Audio on-line, Ask the Rabbi, and up to date articles on Hot Issues. Rabbi Silinsky participates on several B'nai Noach e-mail discussion lists.

Brit-Am Israel
Yair Davidy
Post Office Box 595, Jerusalem 91004, Israel.
Brit-Am Israel has ongoing research to track the migration of the ten lost tribes and help identify their present day descendents to reunify all 12 tribes of Israel.

Chabad—Lubavitch in Cyberspace
web site:
Offers an extensive Torah education, several lists, international links, information about all things Jewish and some things Noahide, and the book Path of the Righteous Gentile -- readable online.

Gal Einai Institute of Israel
Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
web site:
A web site examining the Spiritual/Mystical side of Judaism and eleven topics listed under the heading Seven Principles of Divine Service for Righteous Gentiles.

Lumière des Nations
Rabbi Chaim Richman, Director
Post Office Box 31714 - Jerusalem, Israel
e-mail: - web site:
Light to the Nations is dedicated to providing access to traditional Jewish teachings and Biblical traditions, news and insights on the rebuilding of the Temple, and what is really happening in Israel today. Our purpose is to promote and teach the eternal Biblical values of Israel and to build a bridge of understanding between Jews and Gentiles, based on shared values and beliefs, common roots of faith, and the realization of the hand of G-d upon us all during these special days... the days of the beginning of the Ultimate Redemption, when we sense the prophetic fulfillment leading up to the arrival of the messiah and the complete Restoration - of Israel, of man’s faith, and ultimately, of G-d’s Honor and Kingdom. Light to the Nations seeks to teach, explore, guide and ask as we confront the question: What can we do together to hasten the arrival of the messiah and to restore the Honor of the Creator of heaven and earth?

Noah Institute/The Root and Branch Association, Ltd.
Yehoshua Friedman, Director
web site:
Provider of lectures, conferences, and networking of people with commitment or interest on any level, as well as information research and personal consulting and counseling for those interested in the Jewish or Noahide path or those taking seriously the Jewish roots of their own faith. We also are active in promoting the Jewish calling to be a light to the nations among the Jewish people. Hosted first B'nai Noach Conference in Jerusalem October 19-21, 1998. The Second Jerusalem Conference on the Noahide Covenant and Laws is scheduled to be held from Monday through Wednesday, 1-3 Cheshvan, 5760 (October 11-13, 1999). Contact Yehoshua Friedman for details. Jewish Biblical values for the world, Information technology, and a sense of humor.

Root & Branch Association, Ltd., Israel Office
Aryeh Gallin, President
Root & Branch Association, Ltd.
Post Office Box 8672, German Colony, 91086 Jerusalem
web site:
Root and Branch promotes knowledge of the Noahide Covenant and observance of the Noahide Laws. Parent organization of Noah Institute

- Japan
Boker Tov
web site: (English)
(en japonais)
Boker Tov offers information in English, Japanese, and Hebrew. Examines the Hebrew alphabet and the Arabic alphabet, Jewish Holy days etc.

- Peru
Chavurath B’nai Noach of Peru
Richard Dawson, Director
Los Teboles 213 Las Palmeras del Golf Trujillo

- United Kingdom
B’nai Noach of the United Kingdom
Liz Beecher, Web Mistress, Marketeer, and Pamphleteer to the UK B'nai Noach, London.
web site:
The aim of the UK B'nei Noach is to keep all of the B'nei Noach in the UK in touch with each other. The UK B'nei Noach isn't a congregation or a group of people all in one location. We are spread out across the whole country. The membership invites you to contact them via e-mail or snail mail (regular post office mail) whether you are a Noachide or just interested in who we are and what we do.

- United States
Christians for Moses/Ex-Christians and Noahide Ministry of South Florida
DelRoy Brockett, President
1000 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 105 - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
web site:
A group of Noachides who, like Jews for Judaism, work to provide information to assist in countering Christian missionary efforts.

Holyland Bookstore
Rabbi Michael Katz
5650 Stirling Road - Hollywood, FL 33021
All books related to B’nai No’ach and anything else Judaic are available from Holyland, whose proprietor, Rabbi Katz, answers questions for and about B’nai No’ach. Rabbi Katz is also available to discuss suggested readings for individuals.

Chavurath B’nai Noach of Atlanta
Billy Jack Dial, Director
3952 Garden Circle - Acworth, GA 30101
web site:
web site include informative articles, singles resources, and much more.

Chavurath B’nai Noach of Massachusetts
Thomas Walton, Director
30 North Hadley Road - Amherst, MA 01002

Otsar Sifrei Lubavitch Bookstore, New York
421 Kingston Avenue - Brooklyn, NY 11225
web site:
Here you can order books and other material on Chassidus (Chassidic philosophy), on Geula and Moshiach (the upcoming Redemption and the imminent appearance of the Messiah) as well as books of the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Root & Branch Association, Ltd., United States Office
Lt. Col. Martin Gallin, Esq., A.U.S.A. (ret.)
Law Offices of Gallin & Newman
860 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N.Y. 10451
Root and Branch is an U.S. non-profit organization created to promote knowledge of the Noahide Covenant and observance of the Noahide Laws.

Northern Hills Synagogue of Ohio
Rabbi George (Gershom) Barnard
715 Fleming Road
Cincinnatti, OH 45231-3905
web site:

Emmanuel Study Centre for B’nai Noah, Tennessee
J. David Davis, Director
Post Office Box 442 - Athens, TN 37371-0442
web site:
Topics covered in this web site include: What is B'nai Noah?, Is B'nai Noah Christian?, Who is J. David Davis?, Seven Laws Of Noah, Publications, Resource Materials, and Other Groups.

Chavurath B’nai Noach Fort Worth, Texas
Terry Lanham, Director
web site:
Many informative articles on various topics and links to B'nai Noach worldwide.

Vendyl Jones Research Institutes
Vendyl Jones, Director
Post Office Box 120366 - Arlington, TX 76012-0366
web site:
"We hope to bring you exciting new discoveries in the area of Biblical Archaeology."
VJRI utilizes Biblical archaeology, geography, history, Rabbinic linguistics and hermenuetical principles of interpretation of the Bible to correct misinformation against Judaism, the Jewish people and the State of Israel. VJRI has, since 1964, operated exclusively as a non-profit, charitable, religious and educational research organization.

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